Alchemy of the Sole

what lies beneath

Lindsay Luise Abromaitis-Smith is an artist, writer, and healer living with ALS. She is dedicated to making art that helps people remember what is essential to being. As she learns how to physically manifest differently, Lindsay hopes to teach others that being differently abled can be beautiful and powerful and is not a reason to be afraid or isolated. Her commitment to being creative throughout the progression of the disease is an act of empowerment and defiance as much as it is one of acceptance and surrender.
Lindsay began her artistic career in puppetry and performance.  After living and working in NYC for the past 12 years, Lindsay moved to New Jersey in early June 2015.  She is living as an artist in residence at the Toshiko Takaezu Studio in Quakertown, NJ.  She is now exploring painting and bodywork using her feet, while also giving energy to writing, gardening and cooking.
In 2012, shortly before she was diagnosed with ALS, Lindsay debuted two puppet works in NYC.  Epyllion, came about through a three year artist residency program at HERE Arts Center, for which she received a Jim Henson Project Grant. Mental Hygiene (what makes brains dirty and how to get them clean) was a part of Labapalooza at St. Ann's Warehouse.
Since her diagnosis, Lindsay has been working on Bloom, She is Descending. The piece began as a one woman show about Lindsay's exploration of ALS: "The night before I was diagnosed with
 ALS, I dreamed of a goddess made entirely of flowers and plants who told me I had to learn how to physically manifest differently. People ask me how it feels. This is my answer." Over the past three years it has had many iterations. The piece was workshopped at Dixon Place and The Tigermen Den, in New Orleans. The most recent version at Five Myles Gallery in December 2014, incorporated dance, puppetry, video, and sculpture installation.  Lindsay is currently creating a documentary film about the show with Bobby Sheehan and looking for venues to produce the show again as a multi media installation.
Her writing on ritual through puppetry and the use of the idol in art was published in The New York Arts Magazine's summer 2011 issue.
She began her study of puppetry with Alain Recoing at the Theatre Aux Mains Nues in Paris, France.  Since moving to New York she has participated in a wide range of performance projects.  As a puppeteer she has worked with Basil Twist in Arias with a Twist and Petrushka. With Mabou Mines and Lee Bruer, she has worked on La Divina, Peter and Wendy, and Red Beads.  Lindsay has also had the opportunity to work on such projects as Chris Greens's Firebird, Lake Simon's White Elephant, Nami Yamamoto and Matt Acheson's Flying with My Shooting Stars, Happenstance Theater's Prufbox, Tom Lee's Odysseus and Ajax, and David Michael Friend's Moonfishing.  As a performer, Lindsay has worked with Joey Arias and Manfred Thierry Mugler in the film Z Chromosome, as a percussionist with The Clearing, and as an aerialist in the solo performance piece, Domestic Snakes.
As a designer and puppet choreographer, Lindsay has collaborated with Nu Dance Theater for several years on projects including Hinterland, Elle d'Elles and Si Suelement Si.  Other design credits include Montgomery College's Butoh Macbeth and Alexis Macnab's Trigger Happy Jack.  Her own work includes an adaptation of Cupid and Psyche with composer/writer Daniel Jose Older and composer Caroline Yes; and a dance piece, Finding a Way Back, that she co-created, designed and composed music for with Caroline Yes.  She wrote, designed and directed two children's shows, Grandfather Frost and Dragon Dreams for The New York Public Library's Holiday Extravaganza.  She has created various short puppet shows that have been seen in many downtown New York art spaces including HERE Arts Center, the Theatre for the New City, Galapagos Art Space and One Arm Red.

"Feet retain the memories of the many paths our soul has trailed on earth and beyond through our previous life times." ~W. Zchutz