Alchemy of the Sole

what lies beneath

first new moon

It is the first new moon of the new year.
I am searching for inspiration.
I am beginning to believe that I am on the right path. Not only believe, but embody.
This is my wish for this new moon... embodiment.
Let it roll around in my hands, heart, mind.
It smells of sandalwood and beets, dirt and sex and blood and spit and coconut.
It once was heavy upon my tongue, but today it is light with the air that I breathe.
I am only just sinking my teeth into its flesh.
To embrace and be in the power of the body.
My body is such a blessing to me, this new body of mine.
It will continue to evolve and manifest.
On my journeys today I met many new people with whom I hope to cultivate inspiration.
Nourishment for my feet to dance, my mind to soar, and my heart to blossom.



"Feet retain the memories of the many paths our soul has trailed on earth and beyond through our previous life times." ~W. Zchutz