Alchemy of the Sole

what lies beneath

making paint with stardust

This afternoon was the first snowfall of the winter season. Two of my favorite powerful goddesses were here for tea. Yesterday I learned of the passing of one my great inspirations and fellow children of the stars, David Bowie. That man is such a gorgeous force of spirit and what happens when a human alien embraces his beautiful freaky sexy brilliant artistry. In order to honor not only him, but my own freaky sexy dreams and desires, I knew art had to be made and supported. Today it seemed the best thing to do of course was to build a fire in the fireplace and sit on the ground around it and make some magic. I had recently received a box of herbs and spices. It was time to make paint.
This was my first foray into joining the rich history of making paint. As my intention is to use them on people's bodies I had been on a search to create a medium that is made of natural food based materials so that each paint has healing properties and will not irritate sensitive skin.
As so many many people before me, I used clay as my substrate. Today we used chlorella, hibiscus, turmeric, and schizandra berry powders.
Each plant has a distinct aroma which awakens within me powerful sense memories.
Each color is rich and full of the goodness of the earth.
The paints are now in glass jars on my altar amidst the stones, feathers and spirits.

May they become imbued with healing energies from the universe.
May the star man send stardust to bless us all.




"Feet retain the memories of the many paths our soul has trailed on earth and beyond through our previous life times." ~W. Zchutz