Alchemy of the Sole

what lies beneath


Once upon a time I was a massage therapist.  I found immense fulfillment from the laying on of hands. I listened to bodies through my fingers and found ways to dance with muscles and sinews so they would release what tensions they were holding. I worked with different forms of energy, searching for ease and flow.  Finding ways to help people be more comfortable and at home in their bodies is a great passion of mine.
Having to lose the use of my hands has been full of frustration but also a curiosity. I have had to find new ways of doing and being, ways to let go of my ego.  I have found that slowing down and confronting my existence and impending transformation to other realms, to the point of identifying more with plants and their movement and lifecycle, I am able to tap into layers of existence I was not aware of before. I am no longer concerned with fixing the body, but rather being a guide and witness to finding a sense of presence within it, the embodiment of sensation in the body-being that can find its own way to breath with ease and grace.  
Working with my feet is an act of empowerment as much as it is a way to commune with holy bodies. Feet are our foundation, the thing that roots us to the earth and usually carries us through the world. I am in the process of developing a form of bodywork that integrates my love of healing, sensual holistic touch and painting.

"Feet retain the memories of the many paths our soul has trailed on earth and beyond through our previous life times." ~W. Zchutz